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About Us

Italy Agriturismo Urban Adventures is proud to present Agriturismo Casa Lawrence and D.S. Bio for the ultimate Italian foodie experience. The Pacitti family and Danilo Scenna are two producers from the Val di Comino located at the foothills of the Abruzzo National Park in Lazio, midway between Rome and Naples.

For nearly two centuries the Pacitti family have passed down their shepherding culture, amid the snow-capped mountains of Val di Comino. The Pacittis use raw sheep’s and goat’s milk from semi-wild breeds that are herded in the pure air of high altitudes and pristine valleys. The products of the Pacitti farm are recognised by the Slow Food Presidium, which supports small-scale traditional production in danger of extinction and the recovery of old-world professions. Their conciato di San Vittore, a sheep’s cheese aged in a mixture of wild herbs foraged from the Val di Comino, is a cheese of distinction and is what the Pacitti family is known for in the cheese-making world.

At the Casa Lawrence Agriturismo (a holiday farmhouse) you can also taste other forms of Picinisco pecorino D.O.P. such as case-peruto, valcomino blue or marzolina, made with milk produced only in the month of March.

Agriturismo Casa Lawrence has taken its name from the English writer D.H. Lawrence, who was hosted here in 1919 and where he was inspired to not only finish his novel The Lost Girl but to reinterpret the meaning of lost entirely. Lawrence completely went off the tourist track and almost outside of civilisation while retreating to this country villa. He writes “How unspeakably lovely it was, no one could ever tell, the grand, pagan twilight of the valleys, savage, cold, with a sense of ancient gods who knew the rite for human sacrifice.” In the Abruzzi wilderness, Lawrence, like the protagonist of his novel, was taken out of the world and to the very edge of experience.

The detailed descriptions of the rooms and furnishings in Lawrence’s novel The Lost Girl have allowed for a faithful restoration of the little 19th-century villa by the Pacitti family so you can arrive just as Lawrence had on a cold night in December 1919.

Danilo Scenna began his company in 2012 at the age of 24 with a complete focus on biodiversity and became an elected delegate of his province, Frosinone, by Coldiretti Giovani Impresa (Coldiretti Youth Enterprise) that is made up of 70,000 young farmers that are pioneers of agricultural innovation.

The Coldiretti Giovani Impresa are young entrepreneurs who passionately defend the values and traditions of their food heritage and believe that innovation is an agricultural tool. Defense of true Made In Italy products, safeguarding the territories and their biodiversity, cultivating 100% non-GMO raw materials and promoting transparency and traceability of products are the common values of these young farmers who have been at the forefront of many battles, abroad and at home, in the defence of a healthy and quality agriculture.

Danilo obtained organic status from the Institute for Ethical & Environmental Certification and in 2016 cultivated his first true indigenous production, Arcaro, a white wine made from the ripened Maturano del Frusinate.

In September 2017, Danilo’s biodynamic experiment went crack. Danilo entered his one-hectare biodynamic vineyard’s Arcaro into the white wine category in the Autochtona competition along side well established vineyards from the most prestigious wine countries and won! The best white wine in Italy! Alessio Pierbatittista contributing journalist for Gambero Rosso, the largest gastronomic publication in Europe, writes in response: “The most original and particular wines have been amazing and thrilled, which have had nothing to fear from the more well-known names.” But Danilo gives credit to the steadfast farmers before him who did not let the territorial specific breeds fade into oblivion during the long period of mass emigration.

While D.S. Bio looks towards diversifying its activities with a specialised agriturismo, Danilo envisions growing partnerships between the many small and independent organic farms in his region’s bio-district and would like to see a consortium be instrumental in the revival of the economy by drawing in the young people who invest in this sector to know this territory as a top contender in the world market of the agri-gastronomic landscape. Discover the efforts of our labor on one of our agricultural tours of Italy and experience the difference of our products and produce.